Hour Hand, Minute Hand, Second hand & The Smart Hand



3 metal hands, a glass case, motor , battery and a strap this is what constituted a wrist watch. Now we have an interesting hand which I call the smart hand which has replaced the other hands. Yes welcome to the era of Smartwatch and  the market here is getting very crowded.

what is a smartwatch? 

 smartwatch is a computerized wristwatch with functionality enhanced beyond timekeeping, often with features comparable to a PDA. While early models were capable of performing basic tasks like calculationstranslations, or playing games, modern smartwatches are effectively wearable computers. Many smartwatches run mobile apps, some run on a mobile operating system, and a few have full mobile phone capability.                                                        Definition Courtesy : Wikipedia

Here are few smartpwatches  which are making the news

Sony SmartWatch: Prized at around 7000 INR the Brand value which sony has in the consumer electronics market will definitely add value to this product. More about this product can be read in their website here.


Pebble SmartWatch: With 68929 backers in Kickstarter and 85000 pebblers  including me (Pre-ordered)  this watch is making all the news. This E-paper watch for iPhone and Android is prized at 150USD and with wide variety of customizable apps and notifications the UI of this watch looks very cool.

Get pebble 

Cookoo ConnectedWatch: This is an interesting smart watch with dials and the notifications from FB, Twitter, Reminders which are synched with your smartphone appear right next to the dial as a smart icons. The interesting thing with this watch is it can act as a trigger to your camera. Now you need not run to join your group after setting the camera.

Connected watch

Motorola MotoActv : MotoActv from Motorola is worlds first GPS fitness tracker and mp3 player in one as claimed by motorola. Priced at 290USD (Amazon) This is more for the fitness freaks. This is expected to give a tough competition to market leaders like Garmin and Sunnto. 

Motorola MotoActv

Being a cyclist and runner I dont mind cycling along with my smart phone so that the watch which is tied to my handle bar can show me the stats but I would prefer not to run with my smart phone in the pocket. With 3G services becoming affordable in India and with most of these smartwatches talking to your smartphone via the blue tooth the market is still open . 2013 will definitely tell an answer.


Searching the Dominant Persona of Samsung Galaxy Camera


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In any product development Persona plays a very major role. Lets see what Guru      Allen cooper has to say about Product Personas

What are personas?

In 1994, Cooper invented the concept of personas, which became a lasting design principle not only at the company, but throughout the world of interaction design.

  • User archetypes – represent the specific needs of many individuals
  • Based on behavior patterns observed in research
  • Tools that allow us to drive our ideas from data about real people
  • Can be used broadly to enhance any touchpoint with a user

Where do personas come from?

It’s important to note that personas are based on research. Researchers identify patterns of thought and behavior while avoiding idiosyncrasies of any single individual. Typically, personas are based on qualitative, ethnographic research methodologies, conducted with enough users that researchers are able to identify clear patterns.

           Source : http://www.cooper.com/journal/personas

so persona can be viewed as a fictious person with certain needs, displaying certain behaviour patterns and when you develop a product keep the most dominant persona in mind and build it for him/her. You will most likely cover the entire user base. Apple is always very clear with who their dominant persona is and thats why the elite crowd is behind them all the time.

Coming to the subject of my blog i saw this interesting product from samsung

and I was trying to understand who could be there dominat persona?and I have made an attmempt to define it .

“Urban Men/Women 25 to 40 yrs of age interested in Digital Photography, Photo editing and Photo sharing”.

The product is priced at 30,000 Indian Rupees and one could definitely buy a very good Android phone for this price or a Iphone 4S or the body of a Good DSLR . A person interested in Photography as a subject, someone who is in love with his lenses might never go for this product . A person who is interested in sharing good pictures with his social network can do it now comfortably with Instagram and other simlar Apps  on his phone . What more can he do ? he can talk and make phone calls :). Will he / she be interested in this 30 K product?. Well I have my own doubts. I am trying to understand who is the dominant persona here ?.

Will Samsung be successful with this product ?. Will have to wait and watch?.

Please do share your thoughts

10 Things I learnt from Confianzys Product Management Training

December 18th to 21st I was in Bangalore attending the Strategic product Management course for planners and Marketers conducted by Confianzys a 360o product management company. It was a 8hr * 4days * 800 slides program and i thought dooms day had already come. J  I enjoyed the extremely well designed program and Mr Ramesh from Confianzys facilitated the sessions brilliantly. I thought I could share my top 10 learning’s from this 4 day program. Here we go

1)      Design the product for the user and market it for the buyer. This was drilled into our heads on all 4 days as most of the time many make a very costly mistake of doing the reverse. We saw a video where Steve Balmer shouts “Developer, Developer, Developer, Developer” like there is no tomorrow. I am going to start shouting User, User, User, User yes I am going to love all my users.

 2)      DILO and M2F. Day In The Life Of and Monday to Friday are simple but very powerful tools for understanding the users. The product planner has to identify and articulate market requirements whose main goal is to have satisfied product users and buyers.

 3)      There are 3 main product delivery strategies to create successful products. Technology driven, Sales driven and Market driven. Charles Lamb says Technology is a good walking stick and is not a replacement for the Leg so its always better to present your product as a Market driven product as they have the mantra “This is likely to fit you. It will probably serve you well”

 4)      PMTK problem echelon model was discussed on all 4 days and we learnt that consumer problem (B2C) is where the product managers have to strictly focus on Product problem is the role of the product architect and Technology problem is the role of the lead developers. Never never never cross the lines. Remember

 Market opportunity = Sum (Market problem + Volume+Duration+Early Potential)

 5)      When you do a Market Research be Inductive (Look for patterns), Intutive and be immersive (be in it all time). Most important is understand SKEPTIC ie Social, Kompetitive , Economical, Political, Technology, Industry and Citizens. Market intelligence is a ongoing real time market data collection and analysis process. Collect your best data when you don’t need it. When you do it in a hurry you will most likely miss the most obvious ones

 6)      Understand TALC the Technology Adoption Life Cycle. When I am designing the product how do I take it from early adopters  to early majority stage without falling into the chasm. When you do a product positioning take a set of around 8 parameters which could be cost, benefits, features ….Take 2 parameters and keep them in X and Y axis carefully choose which should come where. Map your product and your competitors against these parameters and see where you stand.

 7)      Market Requirements Document or MRD is the duty of the product planner. MRD should always focus on what to solve?. How to solve and How to build is not the duty of the product planner. Once the architect completes the product requirements document (PRD) the MRD and PRD are compared with each other and planner comes with a road map which is validated by the architect.  MRD must contain

 Market Requirement, Product Feature, Product Attribute and Technical Specification

 8)      A product manager has to read and read lot of good books. Here are few books which were quoted in the 4 days of the workshop

 a)      Crossing the Chasm – Geoffrey Moore

b)      inmates are running the asylum – Alan Cooper

c)       Videos of Jaya Rao a former Univer lever prod mgmr in Youtube

d)      In the age of smart machine – Shoshana Zuboff

e)      how we decide -jonah Lehrer

f)       Art of Choosing – Sheena Iyengar

g)      The Lean Start up – Eric Reese

h)      Customer Centric product design – Sheila Mello

   The list is long but to be successful in product management you should at least be cognizant about these books.

9)      Persona is a fictional representative of the user archetype and products should always be built for the Active/ Dominant persona. The requirements of the rest will be met if the active personas requirements are met.  Hunt for your active persona.

10)   In the Marketing and the sales process of a Products MEAN ACTS play a very major role.                                                                   

Man/ Money



Need  and these form the Market Process

Areas of Uniqueness


Time Scales

Size . and these form the sales process..

I was overall very satisfied and happy in the 4 days of the workshop. Next step is to try and see if I can crack the certification.