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In any product development Persona plays a very major role. Lets see what Guru      Allen cooper has to say about Product Personas

What are personas?

In 1994, Cooper invented the concept of personas, which became a lasting design principle not only at the company, but throughout the world of interaction design.

  • User archetypes – represent the specific needs of many individuals
  • Based on behavior patterns observed in research
  • Tools that allow us to drive our ideas from data about real people
  • Can be used broadly to enhance any touchpoint with a user

Where do personas come from?

It’s important to note that personas are based on research. Researchers identify patterns of thought and behavior while avoiding idiosyncrasies of any single individual. Typically, personas are based on qualitative, ethnographic research methodologies, conducted with enough users that researchers are able to identify clear patterns.

           Source : http://www.cooper.com/journal/personas

so persona can be viewed as a fictious person with certain needs, displaying certain behaviour patterns and when you develop a product keep the most dominant persona in mind and build it for him/her. You will most likely cover the entire user base. Apple is always very clear with who their dominant persona is and thats why the elite crowd is behind them all the time.

Coming to the subject of my blog i saw this interesting product from samsung

and I was trying to understand who could be there dominat persona?and I have made an attmempt to define it .

“Urban Men/Women 25 to 40 yrs of age interested in Digital Photography, Photo editing and Photo sharing”.

The product is priced at 30,000 Indian Rupees and one could definitely buy a very good Android phone for this price or a Iphone 4S or the body of a Good DSLR . A person interested in Photography as a subject, someone who is in love with his lenses might never go for this product . A person who is interested in sharing good pictures with his social network can do it now comfortably with Instagram and other simlar Apps  on his phone . What more can he do ? he can talk and make phone calls :). Will he / she be interested in this 30 K product?. Well I have my own doubts. I am trying to understand who is the dominant persona here ?.

Will Samsung be successful with this product ?. Will have to wait and watch?.

Please do share your thoughts