3 metal hands, a glass case, motor , battery and a strap this is what constituted a wrist watch. Now we have an interesting hand which I call the smart hand which has replaced the other hands. Yes welcome to the era of Smartwatch and  the market here is getting very crowded.

what is a smartwatch? 

 smartwatch is a computerized wristwatch with functionality enhanced beyond timekeeping, often with features comparable to a PDA. While early models were capable of performing basic tasks like calculationstranslations, or playing games, modern smartwatches are effectively wearable computers. Many smartwatches run mobile apps, some run on a mobile operating system, and a few have full mobile phone capability.                                                        Definition Courtesy : Wikipedia

Here are few smartpwatches  which are making the news

Sony SmartWatch: Prized at around 7000 INR the Brand value which sony has in the consumer electronics market will definitely add value to this product. More about this product can be read in their website here.


Pebble SmartWatch: With 68929 backers in Kickstarter and 85000 pebblers  including me (Pre-ordered)  this watch is making all the news. This E-paper watch for iPhone and Android is prized at 150USD and with wide variety of customizable apps and notifications the UI of this watch looks very cool.

Get pebble 

Cookoo ConnectedWatch: This is an interesting smart watch with dials and the notifications from FB, Twitter, Reminders which are synched with your smartphone appear right next to the dial as a smart icons. The interesting thing with this watch is it can act as a trigger to your camera. Now you need not run to join your group after setting the camera.

Connected watch

Motorola MotoActv : MotoActv from Motorola is worlds first GPS fitness tracker and mp3 player in one as claimed by motorola. Priced at 290USD (Amazon) This is more for the fitness freaks. This is expected to give a tough competition to market leaders like Garmin and Sunnto. 

Motorola MotoActv

Being a cyclist and runner I dont mind cycling along with my smart phone so that the watch which is tied to my handle bar can show me the stats but I would prefer not to run with my smart phone in the pocket. With 3G services becoming affordable in India and with most of these smartwatches talking to your smartphone via the blue tooth the market is still open . 2013 will definitely tell an answer.